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6-12 Month Supply Program

Are you paying too much for your medications?


What is the 6-12 Month Supply Program?

Our 6-12 Month Supply Program is an extended supply discount generic program. This means you can buy a 6 or 12 month supply of the same medication for a deeply discounted rate.


Why waste time and money driving to refill or pickup your medications? Give us a call 914–949–7000 and we will deliver your medication directly to your front door.

Walmart and other franchise pharmacies lack newly available medications

Walmart’s $4.00 generic list is outdated and overused. Medical Centre carries newly compounded medications, ensuring our patients have the best available options.

Are you on Medicare Part D?

With our 6-12 Program we don’t send claims to Part D for any of our generic drugs. By not using your Part D plan for these generic medications, you can stay out of the donut hole.

No prescription insurance? No problem!

The 6-12 Program offered through
Medical Centre Pharmacy can still offer you the prescription drugs on our list at a much cheaper price than Walmart and other chains.

Do you have insurance with generic copays?

If you have a commercial, employer–based insurance program, the 6-12 Program offered through Medical Centre Pharmacy is often cheaper than your generic copay.

Using the 6-12 Month Supply Program, your body doesn’t have to adjust to different types of generics.

Different types of generics can effect your body in different ways. By getting the same medication for 6 or 12 months, you can predict consistent results.

Compare our prices to Walmart & other franchise pharmacies. See how Medical Centre Pharmacy can save you money with our 6-12 Month Supply Program.
Generic Walmart Medical Centre
Losartan 100MG (generic Cozaar) $299.68 $37
Clopidogrel 75MG (generic Plavix) $316.88 $37
Amlodipine 10MG (generic Norvasc) $118.32 $37

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