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There was speculation that the animal was someone pet turned

There was speculation that the animal was someone pet turned

He has devoted his career to studying and protecting carnivorous animals such as bears, wolves and cougars. While bears and wolves are known to roam the state, cougars are not.”I get calls from people about cougar sightings about once every week or two, and they are usually misidentification, and I know this because a lot of callers say they are black panthers and there has never been a documented case of a black panther in the history of man,” Steury says.He still welcomes calls, however, and would love to find evidence of a mountain lion in Alabama.In 2008, a cougar was killed by a hunter across the state line near West Point Lake in Georgia. There was speculation that the animal was someone pet turned loose.According to Steury, DNA evidence confirmed that the animal was a wild cat from the Florida panther colony replica oakleys, an endangered subspecies of the mountain lion.Steury explains that the mountain lion is moving east.

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