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Top 10 Restaurants in White Plains, NY

Explore the top 10 rated restaurants, according to yelp user reviews, in the White Plains area

Top 10 Restaurants in White Plains, NY

October 16, 2013
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Welcome to White Plains, New York, where dining is always a diverse and enjoyable experience. Medical Centre Pharmacy has been a part of the White Plains community for over 30 years, and we’d like to share some of our knowledge of the community with you.

Here are our top 10 restaurants in the White Plains area

1. MELT Sandwich shop

“I was working in White Plains for the day and needed to find a place for a quick lunch between meetings. I went on Yelp and found Melt. The concept is different than most deli shops. Fresh prepared meats with a list of possible toppings from standards to unique conceptions. My sandwich was a short black pepper pastrami with ruben toppings. Not your standard ruben. Very juicy and finger licking good.

If I find myself back in white plains I will try to make another stop at Melt!”

5/5 star review by Yelp user John F.

2. Star Diner

OK, if you’re looking for fancy, or trendy, this isn’t it. This is an honest, hole-in-the-wall diner with very few booths, great counter service, and truly good food.

Stopped in here for breakfast before getting on the train back to NYC. The waitress calls everyone hon and shouts out the orders in old-fashioned diner-speak. The guys working the grill are fast and furious, and everything is perfect. My omelette was great, my buddy’s eggs were done just to his liking and we loved everything. We were in and out in under a half hour. Cash only, and watch those meters if you’re there after 9.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Adele P.

3. Sushi Nanase

For a true fine dining Japanese experience this is the place to goto in westchester. This isn’t Japanese sushi it’s a true art from. The restaurant is small and the chef puts an extraordinary attention to detail. He plans each course with precision and times each dish accordingly. You cannot just walk in you must reserve at least a day in advance. Its not a place you want to goto if you’re looking to be stuffed on sushi, this place is all about fine touch and delicacy.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Stanley W.

4. Francesco’s Restaurant

My friend introduced me to this place last week. I had suggested we go for Italian food and being new to the neighborhood, I wasn’t sure where to go for the best. She assured me this would be the best I have ever had. Francesco’s did not disappoint this high expectation. As soon as we arrived we were promptly seated. We shared the house salad for 2 (with Gorgonzola….this is a must) and it was delicious and plenty. Their house dressing is delicious. Next we shared their baked ziti and a side of meatballs. Both very good and we were pleasantly full and thankful we didn’t go for 2 main courses. I will definitely be returning to Francesco’s. Oh and did I mention how reasonable the bill was?? Another reason for 5 stars.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Ann Marie W.

5. Dante Delicatessen

I’ve wanted to stop by Dante’s for months and finally got the chance today. Glad I finally made it!

When you walk in you are hit with an intoxicating smell of cured meat and cheeses. It’s simply heaven. After walking over to the order line, It became clear I was in for a long wait. There were like 7 people on line and the 2 workers who deal with customers took forever to get orders ready. Like 15 minutes to get a sandwich and pizza, and 20 minutes to get some cold cuts and cheeses. But it was worth the wait!

Actually, the food here is really amazing. I wanted to get a sandwich and also some stuff to take home. I wasn’t sure what to get for my sandwich, but I overheard some guy ahead of me ordering a custom panini, and it sounded so good that I got what he got. It came with fried zucchini flowers, fresh mozzarella, and prosciutto. The thing was so good, I seriously ate it in 3 minutes. Actually it was better than good. It was euphoria inducing. Can’t wait to try another one of their sandwiches.

As for the deli meats, the capicola and soppressata were delectible. I got a half pound of each which set me back like $16 bucks. But hey, you can’t find stuff like this everywhere, so it was worth it.

Five stars in the end. Great spot. Worth the trip even if you aren’t in the area.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Jeff S.

6. Patrick’s Pub

The best bar in White Plains.
Drinks are priced fairly, bartenders are attentive and the general vibe is positive.

I do wish they kept normal business hours, but love it here so much I will walk out of my way to see if they are open before heading to Mamaroneck Ave.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Colleen K.

7. Lazy Boy Saloon

I have been coming here for over a decade, but this is my first review. Bad ass beer selection at a reasonable price. Listening to Wall of Voodoo, The Cure, Pet Shop Boys and Annie Lenox, etc. is priceless. Cold outside today, but during the past summers I used to sit outside, on the street, smoking cigars. Love this joint.

5/5 star review from Yelp user Z. P.

8. Gyu-Kaku

One of the best places for food, drink, sweet and much more!

I used to be quite a vegetarian and don’t really enjoy having meat – really not a meat-lover! But Gyu-kaku changed me!!!! All the meat are dressed with authentic japanese bbq source and it was AMAZING!!!! I tried out every Gyu-kaku in NYC and usually go there every week or two. And they have excellent beer and dessert – what else could I barely ask for??? And I came to this one because I wanna to try it out with my boyfriend. This is the cheapest Gyu-kaku but by far the BEST I’ve had. Meat are very very juicy and fresh and they are just slaying it!

Highly recommend list: Kirin beer, Addicting Cabbage, BBQ Checken Wings, Any meat item, Green Tea Crepe

Definitely, I will come back again and again and again.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Sandy P.

9. Royal Scarlet Store

My only elaboration on what the other reviewers have said is to strongly recommend that you order your sandwich on “wedge” which is Westchesterese for a hoagie or steak sandwich roll. You get an enormous sandwich for between $7.95 and $10.95 which will feed two – but more to the point, the “wedge” bread is excellent. Fresh, seeded, great texture…..

Today had the Wicked Kwistie – perhaps a 1/2 lb. of turkey, munster, slaw, pickle etc. The Deep River chips are all you’ll need with it.

Bring change for the meters – you won’t need much as these guys are real pros and get the well made sandwiches done quickly.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Saul G.

10. Ribs On the Run

I didn’t think I liked ribs very much until now. We placed a huge lunch order for our office. I tried the Official sandwich (fried chicken tenders, cheese sauce, bbq sauce, bacon) and enjoyed it a ton. My coworkers had some extra ribs left over and let me try some. Although I was completely stuffed at that point, I went up for seconds and maybe even thirds. These ribs are great. Like everyone else said, the meat is tender and falls off the bone. The BBQ sauce is delectable. I’m a rib lover now for sure. Also, it’s important to note that all the sides we ordered were really good too. I feel at these types of places, the side dishes are usually an after thought but everything I tried was actually really delicious. The mac and cheese was cheesy and gooey, the cornbread was sweet and moist and the mashed potatoes were garlicy and creamy. Also, although we had a huge order, they didn’t mess one thing up, were super nice on the phone, packed everything thoughtfully and neatly and delivered right on time.

5/5 star review by Yelp user Sara P.

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